Obstetrics Fees

Medicare and the health insurance system can be quite complicated! We strive to make our obstetrics fees simple and transparent. To assist you we have provided a brief explanation of the different costs and rebates available.

Antenatal Care

Specialist appointments in a clinic are classed as outpatient services and this allows you to receive a medicare rebate which will partially reimburse your costs. You will receive a higher benefit from Medicare if your medical costs in a calendar year reach the “medicare safety net” threshold. Private health funds do not cover outpatient services.

Pregnancy Management Fee

This is a once-off fee charged by all Obstetricians at 28 weeks. For most families this will be your largest single outlay. The fee covers the additional costs that are unique to providing Obstetrics Services:

  • Obstetric Insurance Premiums: For the protection of all patients, the Australian Government has made it mandatory for Doctors to carry appropriate indemnity insurance. Unfortunately, Obstetricians face the highest insurance premiums of all medical professionals.
  • Hospital Support Services: Providing good medical care to pregnant women also requires close teamwork with hospital services (midwifery, theatre, blood bank, admin support etc). Your obstetrician is required to pay the Bundaberg Hospital a significant fee for access to the hospital birth suite, operating theatres and other support services.
  • Other costs: Other costs unique to obstetrics care such as after hours coverage and the availability of locum cover when Dr Wickham is unavailable.

We understand that this fee is a very significant expense for all families. We have set it at a level that will allow us to cover the additional costs of providing this service, whilst striving to remain affordable.


Private Health Insurance provides coverage for the majority of services provided during a hospital admission.

To help make the financial costs more predictable for families we have chosen to no gap all services during a hospital admission to your health fund. This will help protect those women who have pregnancy complications from having a suddenly escalating bill due to increased medical requirements. It also ensures that during your birth, you are able to make choices according to your and your baby’s needs without the worry of financial pressures.

Our Fee Schedule

Fee Cost Description
Booking in visit $220 One hour initial visit.
Antenatal visits $95 Approximately 10 visits during a routine pregnancy.
Pregnancy management $1950 Charged at 28 weeks.
Delivery no gap See note below.

Note : We have no gap arrangement with most major health funds. Please ensure you are eligible for coverage at the time of your delivery. For those without health insurance the fees will be set according to the standard health fund rebates.

Other Costs

There are additional costs that you should budget for during your pregnancy:

  • Blood Tests
  • Ultrasounds - we charge the Medicare rate (no additional out of pocket expense)
  • Paediatrician - for your newborn baby
  • Anaesthetist - if you have an epidural or Cesarean section