Transparency in billing


Medicare and the health insurance system can be quite complicated! We strive to make our fees simple and transparent. To assist you we have provided a brief explanation of the different costs and rebates available.

Specialist appointments in a clinic are classed as outpatient services and this allows you to receive a Medicare rebate which will partially reimburse your costs. You will receive a higher benefit from Medicare if your medical costs in a calendar year reach the Medicare safety net threshold. Private health funds do not cover outpatient services.

Dr Wickham’s fees are outlined below.

Gynaecological Fees

First gynaecology consultation (in twelve months)$260 (Medicare will rebate $81.30)
Returning patient greater than twelve months *$190 (Medicare will rebate $81.30)
Gynaecology review (ongoing care within twelve months)$125 (Medicare will rebate $40.85)
Extended gynaecology consultation (one hour for to address complex or multiple issues)$380 (Medicare will rebate $81.30)
Mirena insertion$200 (Medicare will rebate $75.05)
Colposcopy$240 (Medicare will rebate $59.80)

* Applies to patients whose consultation relates to ongoing care of a chronic condition.

Obstetrics Fees

Initial Antenatal Consultation$260 (Medicare will rebate $80.00)Initial Visit - Roughly 40 minutes
Subsequent Antenatal Consultation$125 (Medicare will rebate $44.15)Approximately 14 visits during a routine pregnancy (including Postnatal Visits)
Pregnancy management Fee$2700 (Medicare will rebate $348.80)Deposit at 20-24 weeks, full payment at 28-32 weeks.
DeliveryFor most major health funds, there is no additional gap fee for birthsSee note below.
Final Antenatal Consultation$140 (Medicare will rebate $67.15)Final Visit - Roughly 30 minutes

Other Costs

There are additional costs that you should budget for during your pregnancy:

  • Blood Tests
  • Ultrasounds - we charge the Medicare rate (no additional out of pocket expense)
  • Paediatrician - for your newborn baby
  • Anaesthetist - if you have an epidural or Cesarean section


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